The Company, as a Benefit Company, intends to pursue, in the exercise of its economic activity, one or more aims of common benefit - to be understood as the pursuit of one or more positive effects or the reduction of negative effects on one or more categories of stakeholders - and to operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and environment, cultural and social goods and activities, bodies and associations and other stakeholders.

The Company promotes the value of human capital, sponsoring innovative projects that are placed in the perspective of respect for the environment and sustainable development and that aim at the satisfaction and welfare of its employees and collaborators.

Francesco Merone, SG Company' CEO:

"A transformation is underway that sees the emergence of new sensitivities towards the environment and social issues. Considering that these aspects are also becoming increasingly important in competitiveness, companies are called upon to do their part[...]. It was said that the value of service companies was given by the overall professional quality of their employees, today, it is necessary to add aspects of behavior and sensitivity to others and the environment to calculate the new business value. We will always continue to speak of EBITDA and market multipliers to indicate a numerical value, but it must be well understood that these numbers are the result of human and professional components, not abstract automatisms or position annuities".

"Alongside this project is the commitment on the ESG front: we want to work in a world where everyone does their part to safeguard the environment around us, we must no longer take it for granted and perennial. Today we are rapidly becoming a paperless company and will proceed with choosing only clean energy sources for use in offices and for our events, and so on".

Merone (SG Company): impegno nel sociale per essere sempre più competitivi e attrarre talenti – aimnews

Davide Verdesca, SG Company' Chairman & CEO:

"This transformation is an important step in a path of continuous evolution: we increasingly want to act as a positive force, promote a conscious and different way of doing business and have a positive impact on society and nature, to contribute to truly sustainable development. With this choice, consistent with our history, SG Company adopts a model that we hope will be understood and adopted by many other companies, to contribute together to address the major challenges of our time that the United Nations have also wanted to promote with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals".

SG Company diventa societa Benefit e avvia percorso ESG (

Among recent initiatives

"SG donated 59 computers to the historic Pelligra company to donate to students in need for distance learning. Community Oklahoma and Street Neighbors are the associations that will take care of identifying the students to whom the computers will be delivered".

Donazione pc a studenti in difficolta.pdf(


The Company has started the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) path in collaboration with V-Finance S.r.l., a company specialized in ESG Advisory. ESG is a concept established in the financial sector as a basis for judging the sustainability of investments and we have started this path to ensure sustainable management more and more future-oriented. Sustainability has now become one of the most relevant drivers for companies interested in forging a lasting relationship with all their stakeholders, starting with their clients, without forgetting the issues dear to shareholders.

A study carried out by Fidelity International in 2020 on the performance of 2,659 companies found a strong positive correlation across the board between a company's market performance and the level of its sustainability rating. It was also found that stocks with higher ESG ratings outperformed those with lower ESG ratings.


In our code of ethics, we talk about Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment. The main contents are as follows:

  • Minimize the risks to the workers' health and safety, related to their work activities and improve the quality of work environments.
  • Continuously improve efficiency by setting goals with particular reference to the most significant environmental, health and safety aspects.
  • Promote employees' culture and responsibility at all levels towards health, safety at work, and the environment through training, information, and the involvement of all staff in the identification of improvement actions.
  • Exercise continuous monitoring of environmental, health, and safety performance, ensure maximum compatibility of company activities with the surrounding area and population.
  • Meet and exceed all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements to improve our health, safety, and ecological performance.

For the full text, see Code of Ethics


SG has obtained ISO 9001 quality certification from DNV GL, an international institution recognized worldwide for its seriousness and impartiality, demonstrating its ability to look beyond the boundaries and its leadership committed to ensuring a sustainable future for its organization.
This result certifies the Group's commitment to providing high-level services all managed with a standard that ensures perfect integration and collaboration between the different cores and operating divisions.

ISO 9001 provides a model for a quality management system that focuses on the effectiveness of processes in a company to achieve desired results. The standard promotes adopting a process approach that emphasizes requirements, value-added, performance and effectiveness, and improvement through continuous measurement.