27 September 2016


SG together with the no profit organization vado confido

SG doesn’t limit itself to international events, content creations, cutting edge graphics, creative concepts and trips to unforgettable and original destinations.


Its attention and the ones of its subsidiaries are also oriented towards the ever-changing world. To those associations and individuals that can find, behind the name of an accomplished agency, the resources and the right spirit to present themselves as groups and citizens of the world.


The Vado conFido project arises from the dream of Donatella Marzocchi, a blind woman afflicted with retinitis pigmentosa, and Cosimo Lentini, dog trainer and trainer for assistance dogs. The objective of this no profit organization is to donate a guide dog to visually impaired people, giving the priority to young children and minors.


“My experience with a guide dog represented an important step for me and my independence – says Donatella – it was a great satisfaction being able to prepare my two dogs and after that, I decided to commit to helping other blind people. So, also thanks to my longtime friend Graziano Mascheri, we started the project “Vado conFido”. We want to use an innovative approach based on the valorization of the dog’s spontaneous behavior and on the direct interaction with the blind person, especially during the “preparation” period. The animal is trained together with its future owner and the instructor will follow the couple both at the organization’s site and at home”.


The association saw in SG the perfect partners to pursue the project, managed since day one from the MarCom division of the Group which created, among other things, its communication plan.


The organization’s name and logo are the outcomes of MarCom’s creativity, together with the website creation and social network pages which soon will be filled with contents. The teamwork of the division gave birth to graphics, texts and communication plans that will be managed by the division throughout the duration of the project. SG decided to support Vado conFido since its first steps, to giving voice to ideas, projects, and dreams that deserve to be shared. The Group will participate constantly in the organization’s activities, supplying the necessary assistance for a creative work with such a big social importance.


On the frontline also SG’s CEO Graziano Mascheri, an active member of Vado conFido Board of Director. Another relevant proof of how strong is the commitment of the agency towards social issues. A task that isn’t just a responsibility, but a real and tangible act.


The association presents itself also as a great Corporate Social Responsibility initiative by giving companies the chance to offer the training of a guide dog for visually impaired people. While becoming partners or associates will open new ways of collaboration between the no profit organization and the company which will decide to support it.

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