09 April 2018


SG confirms its CRM program for 2018 and introduces an important partnership

SG ushered in 2018 with the confirmation of the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program.

After three years of success, demonstrated by an excellent customer redemption, the Group will be present at the Mediolanum Forum with its SkyBox for the whole 2018. In its private room, SG will continue to offer its client a unique opportunity to live concerts, shows and sporting events – even the sold out ones – from a prestigious position.

SG collaborated with ForumNet Group, a reality that from 1990 is leader in Italy for live shows and for multifunctional spaces for music, entertainment and sport. ForumNet, in addition to the Teatro Della Luna, owns the two most important arenas in Italy: the Mediolanum Forum and Palalottomatica.

With its SkyBox, SG wants to carry on an unconventional CRM project and meeting with its clients in an informal and private space. There, there will be time to strengthen the relationship, exchange ideas on projects, enjoy the always more rich, and engaging calendar of Mediolanum Forum.

Thanks to the collaboration with ForumNet, starting from January every SkyBox will have some copies of Focus ON Magazine: the company’s brand that will be the protagonist of an enthusiastic and growing editorial project.

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