SG Company Società Benefit S.p.A. is the holding company that, since 2000, offers the best of Live & Digital Communication for Corporate, Consumer, and Below The Line markets. The holding guides its subsidiary companies and values their identities, allowing them to develop and cooperate synergically. SG Company Società Benefit S.p.A. offers a specific consultation to its clients, and the whole firm believes in the statement "Sharing Growth": because sharing constant growth, with customers, stakeholders, and employees, is our goal.


SG Company Società Benefit S.p.A.'s purpose is to build strong relationships with its clients, starting winning partnerships that allow the Group to grow on both the national and international markets. In SG Company Società Benefit S.p.A. live different subsidiaries, each one with specific know-how and focus; they work together and continually exchange ideas, strategies, and technologies: all to reach the common goal. By working with full transparency, the holding represents a Hub of integrated communication, a hotbed of unforgettable experiences.


SG Company Società Benefit S.p.A. wants to guide the development of its subsidiaries by offering them tools and services which allow them to grow. The holding’s aim is to become the strategic consultant of clients and stakeholders, their only spokesperson which offers a reliable, well-structured eco-system of opportunities. SG Company Società Benefit S.p.A. wants to reunite every specific know-how and talents from different sectors to offer its clients the best of the market. By operating with full transparency, the Company wants to build company – to – company relationship with its clients.

At the companies' Services

SG Company Società Benefit S.p.A. contributes to the advancement of its subsidiaries by supplying the following services:

Finance &
IT &
General Affairs


In 2016, SG Company obtained the quality certification ISO 9001, in the same year, its subsidiary SINERGIE was awarded the upgrade of the same certification, received the year before (2015).
This accolade underlines of how compliant the company’s work is. In fact, all the internal procedures – including the ones for vendors selection – are part of the Company’s way of work since day one.